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About Team Pixelgenio

Launched in 2008 as a two person setup, we are now a 10 member kick-ass team of creative professionals. Over years of learning and experience we have emerged as one of the best explainer video companies in India and have further expanded our services to provide Digital marketing, Web development and Mobile app development services. We have earned a reputation for excellent customer service and high quality work and have helped businesses from start-ups to fortune 500 companies like Western Union, Cleartrip and Ringcredible, drive sales and increase brand engagement. We can help you too!

Why Choose PixelGenio as Your Video and Marketing Agency

At PixelGenio our mission is to render services that give our clients the best ROI. We are proud to have some of the finest talents in our team who will work with you until we have achieved your project objectives. I will personally assist you throughout the production process to make sure the project is tailored to meet your business goals. “Feel free to reach me on on skype id – pixelgenio or email me at Let’s get started!”

Manoj Kumar, Founder & CEO
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Meet The Team

Aleen Brownfield


Aleen is our video script writer. Her love for cooking may be new, but her love of words has been life-long.

Elise Deschênes


Elise has always impressed us with her lovely and professional voiceover recordings. Thumbs up for her!

Arron Weedall


Aaron is our regular voiceover artist. We are proud to have his wonderful voice behind most of our videos.

Shayne Gardner


Shayne is our lead visualizer. He adds that creative touch into every visual he creates.

Mohan Dhar


Mohan is our lead Animator. He is a workaholic by nature but a honest person at heart.

Ishaan Das


Ishaan is our storyboard artist. A hard worker with big dreams who drinks too much coffee.

Sweta Guha


Sweta is the Digital Marketing guru at our company. She is always bubbling with interesting ideas.

Seamus Morrison


Seamus is one of our voiceover artists. He has a neutral accent but his voice is just awesome.

Hunter Peterson


Another feather on our hat. Hunter is always happy to have himself featured on videos.

Our Partners

To provide our customers with the best quality of related services we have partnered up with few companies who we believe can provide our clients the same quality and commitment that we provide to our clients. Our intention is to provide you related services under one roof without worrying about whether you hired the right company for your job. This also saves you the tiresome time and effort that goes into finding the right company for your job.