PixelGenio is a video production company considered among the world leaders in creating animated explainer videos. Founded in 2008, PixelGenio has earned a reputation for high quality services at affordable rates and customer satisfaction.

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safety explainer video

Explainer Video – A Case Study on AppOrchid

We live in a generation of innovation where the virtual world thrives by introducing fresh new ideas every day. These new ideas manifest into products...

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Animated YouTube video ad creation, benefits, cost and comparative analysis

To start with, I would like to mention that this article is not about how to operate AdWords for YouTube video ad creation. Rather, I would be focusin...

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explainer video character

Business Explainer Videos- Do you always need a story!

When people think of Business explainer videos, they generally have pre-conceived notions in their head of how it is supposed to be. The term itself i...

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Explain your business with fun through cartoon animation video

Gone are the times when the media was regarded as a serious business and anything and everything was kept in a serious tone. With the increasing press...

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