Welcome Guest Writer

Are you interested in writing for the Pixelgenio blog? Well, you’re in the right place.

We welcome all folks having a passion for ONLINE MARKETING to write for us as a guest author. However, your blog post will be sent for admin moderation before it is actually published. That way we can determine if the post is a good fit. If there are issues with your post we will write back to you asking for necessary edits.

Please note that we are accepting topics related to Digital marketing, Video marketing & Content marketing only 

Benefits to Guest Writers

We offer the following benefits to guest writers on our blog:

  1. A bio at the end of each post with a picture and one no-follow link of your choice
  2. Build your online authorship and gain credential for yourself as a published author
  3. Links to your social media channels
  4. Promotion of your post on our Pixelgenio social media channels
  5. Easy, fast and simple process.

Expectations of Guest Writers

We expect the following from guest writers:

  1. Create original content aimed at how marketers can leverage on digital marketing.
  2. Please write in first-person or second-person. For example, instead of “the website” use “your website”. You can also use “I” and “we” as applicable. The whole point is to make the writing more conversational and friendly.
  3. Short, sweet and easy to read sentences are desired.
  4. Do not put links in the article body content that promote yourself or your affiliates. You can, however, use a promotional link in your author bio.
  5. Many of our blog posts are under 800 words, but if it takes more to write a great post we’re open to it.
  6. We do not allow repost of your article that has already been published on your personal blog or somewhere else on the web.
  7. All links to 3rd party content are no-follow by default. In case you are particularly interested in a do-follow link, write to us at contact@pixelgenio.com for further details.

Points to note

By default, all links in your article will be no-follow links. If you are particularly interested in a do-follow link, there are two options:

OPTION 1 – Pay 50USD per do-follow link. Your article will still go through our quality check process and needs to be approved by our editorial team.
OPTION 2 – Give us a return backlink to any page/blog post on our website from the same website that you asked do-follow link. This means that you will need to write two articles. One to post on your blog with our link and one to post on our blog with your backlink.
If you are ok with a no-follow link, you can straight away submit your Topic titles for review.

Some Things We Look For

Here are a few things we look for in blog posts and story pitches:

  • Concreteness – The more specific a pitch is, the better. Many of our favorite posts use strong examples to illustrate each point.
  • Clarity – We know you’re smart. But this isn’t a thesis. Your language should be clear and easily accessible.
  • A New Take – We read a lot of online articles each day. We love coming across something fresh, or even a new take on a tired topic.
  • Knowledge Focus – Our blog is focused on providing value to marketers and business owners. We look for guest writers to tailor their content to our audience. If your pitch doesn’t have a digital marketing angle, we likely will reject your article. It’s nothing personal, but we get a lot of pitches and can only publish the ones that are tailored to our readers.

The Fine Print

For an article to be considered for publication, it needs to adhere to all the policies stated on this page. Once your article is accepted and published, you acknowledge that pixelgenio.com has the exclusive, royalty-free license to be the sole publisher of the article online. You can republish extracts of it but the article in its totality can only be published at pixelgenio.com. You consent to the full article, extracts, samples or examples from it appearing in other sites, products, and services.

Submit Your Article

If you feel that you meet the above specifications, we request you to submit your article to us in word ducument format at contact@pixelgenio.com. The word doc should contain your author bio. Please also attach to the email all images that you have used in the article as well as your profile photo.

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