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Explainer video creation process

So you’ve just decided to create video animation for your business, or maybe you’re still on the lookout for the right production company who can give you the best return on your investment. In either scenario it is pretty natural that you are wondering about the explainer video creation process and what goes into the making of a custom animated video? How is the cost justified? How much input do I have during the whole process? From the kick-off call through final delivery a lot goes into the production of an animation video. Here’s a breakdown of what typically goes on in the four to six weeks of a typical home page or landing page style video being produced. At PixelGenio our goal is to make the process as simple and streamlined as possible for you. Below we have explained it all.

Our animated video production process explained in 6 simple steps

Step 1 – Research

Before we begin our animated video production process we take the time to collect as much information about your business as we can. To create a truly awesome product it’s important that we have researched your business well. We start by our video questionnaire and then follow up until we feel confident that we know exactly what you want.

Step 2 – Choose Style

If you do not already have a request for a particular style, based on the information collected in our video questionnaire and our understanding of your business/brand we will suggest you the most suitable style of animation video making; cartoon style, whiteboard, infographic or corporate style.

Step 3 – The Script

The script is often the most challenging part of the work process because it is the heart of the production. A good script can make or break the video. We build the script in the form of a story, in a simple, short and clear way so that it is able to keep your audience engaged. At the end we add a suitable call to action.

Step 4 – Voiceover

A voiceover that is of native accent and created by a professional voice actor is the key to make a video sound intriguing, professional and most importantly emotionally engaging. We take all necessary efforts to create video animation with pro voice-over professionals from around the world and tailor our production service so that the Voice rendering matches the emotional demand of the story.

Step 5 – Storyboard

The storyboard gives you a clear idea on the actions you can expect in the video. Here we introduce you to your characters, color combination, backgrounds and most importantly you get a slide by slide representation of how the animation flows and builds. It’s like having your video finished and taking pictures from it. These still images help to visualize the true quality of the final video way before it’s done.

Step 6 – Animation & Sound

Perfectly synced with the voice-over, it’s time to add motion to the characters and create graphic elements. As far as skills are concerned this stage is most crucial for us and takes the longest time in the work process explainer video. Most videos involve simple sound effects that add a interesting touch to the video. However there are some videos where sound integration can play a very important role.

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