VIDEO – How To Create An Animated Explainer Video that gives you the desired ROI?

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September 18, 2018

Attention span shorter than that of a Goldfish! That is today’s consumer, says the TIME magazine. To capture the attention of a consumer driven by speed, what could be a better way than have an interesting video? Many successful marketers believe that an Animated Explainer Video has a high emotional appeal and thus, can better position a brand in a consumer’s mind. Businesses using animated videos for promoting their products and services are 40% faster in growth today.

You may also have realized that you should make an explainer for your company too with a fascinating story told. So, you set off on the journey to capture the essence of your brand in a video.

The freelancer dilemma

We get it! As most marketers, you wouldn’t like to invest too much. So it’s ok to keep it economical by hiring freelancers. However, this could be tricky! Most freelancers are like CAVEMEN, surrendered to an unprofessional attitude, unorganized work, plagiarised content, and missed deadlines. Above that, they would use prehistoric tools, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you run into trouble with pirated software lawsuits. Of course, there is a handful of them who are good but locating one would be like finding a needle in the haystack.

There’s a reason to this though. Your money is like a survival kit for most freelancers. They are least motivated to deliver excellence because they are paid pennies so they just produce whatever they can only to grab the next potential GIG.

Try Start-up companies for your animated explainer video!

In recent years, several start-up explainer video companies have mushroomed up. They would be more organized and faster in their deliveries.

However, most of these start-ups are not originally explainer animation companies but primarily software or web dev firms. They will offer you services at lucrative prices and instead of playing with custom-made animated characters; they will play with readymade templates to make their deliveries faster. Creativity is still LOST. With standard Templates available, all they have to do to deliver is to flip slides, modify text, and change colors. Mission accomplished! Really?

Your video again appears like one sheep from the herd. You did get something better than a disorganized freelancer. But, are you sure if this video will give you conversions? What about your ROI?

A word of caution: Even these start-ups end up outsourcing work to freelancers to gain more profits which can result in low quality and non-curated output.

Opting for a corporate level animated explainer video production company

A more professional and impactful approach would be to take explainer video creation service from corporate level video production companies but only if you are ready to burn your pockets.

So, how to create animated explainer video that can be highly converting, unique, custom created and at a cost which you can afford?


We at PixelGenio create handcrafted CUSTOM EXPLAINER VIDEOS that are chiseled to capture the attention of your customers and give you the best ROI.

And, Guess what?

When you order from this page, we will send you an up to 20% discount making the final price comparatively almost half the cost of what a corporate video production company would charge you.


Not sure if you are going for it now? Keep the coupon with you and redeem it any time in the future.

If you are still reading, you might want to know a little bit more about our company.

Pixelgenio is the brainchild of two highly enthusiastic and creative professionals Moloy Dey(Founder & CEO) and Aleen Brownfield(Co-founder). Moloy had been a passionate animator with a master’s degree in visual arts while Aleen is a graduate in Journalism from the reputed Southern Methodist University, Dallas. We are also proud to have with us a fantastic team of international advisors who keep us motivated towards excellence.

Our love for animation got us into the business of Animated Explainer Videos. Video marketing had always been our region of interest, and we understand how to bring ROI from creative marketing efforts. We always keep updated with the latest market trends and modern explainer animation techniques.

You can read more about our company, team, and pricing models HERE.

Please note that we believe in quality and not quantity which is why we work on only two projects in a month. So, make sure you book your slot well in advance before someone else gets lucky!!

PixelGenio is a video production company considered among the world leaders in creating animated explainer videos. Founded in 2008, PixelGenio has earned a reputation for high quality services at affordable rates and customer satisfaction.

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