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Explainer Videos | Animated Explainer Video | Video content Marketing | Explainer Video Making Company in Kolkata

March 27, 2017

Explainer videos are the new age tool to engage while explaining. These are as much fun creating them as playing to be informed. Apart from offering knowledge about an intended subject, they are good at giving an abrupt leverage to conversion rates. Any startup business can use it almost like a magic wand to give its marketing process an effective push.

Explainer videos: What are they?

An explainer video is a short marketing video created for internet, for explaining the purpose and worth of your service and products. It can be on a landing page, Homepage of the business site or any product page that requires one. Of late, this particular marketing tool has become so popular that some of the organizations boast of a 144% increase in their conversion rate after posting an explainer video on their site.

Explainer Videos | Animated Explainer Video | Video content Marketing | Explainer Video Making Company in Kolkata

Different types of Explainer videos:

Animated video: There is no denying that animated videos are the most popular form of explainer video. Animation has always proved to be the most effective mode of communication for explaining the most complicated working process of a tech product or software. Animated explainer video leaves more room for creativity. Moreover, they are comparatively easier to update or edit. According to the experts from animated Explainer video maker companies in Kolkata, this particular product is going to be the next big thing in the domain of creating and using explainer videos.

Live action video: This is basically a non-animated promotional video that explains your service and product. These are perfect for the promotion of a people-oriented service or physical product. The list of such products might include a consulting group, restaurant, etc. Characters of flesh and blood help to tie an emotional string to the video. Prospective customers are naturally drawn towards human faces and live action offers them a view of the real world.

Whiteboard videos: This is a kind of explainer video that is composed of hand-drawn animations that can be erased as required. Apart from operational convenience, they make the cheapest version of the video used for explaining a product.

A Kickstarter: They are not much different from different other types of Explainer videos. Almost all Kickstart projects these days resort to such videos. They might seem a bit longer than usual. However, that can be excused as such ventures require a little larger space to inform the target audience about what they do.

If you have suggestions about a few other types of Explainer videos with significant purposes, do let us know about them.

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