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August 21, 2018

We live in a generation of innovation where the virtual world thrives by introducing fresh new ideas every day. These new ideas manifest into products that make life much easier for our target audience.

New innovations and ideas require a little help sinking in with an audience or market. Explainer videos not only help elaborate an idea but also indicate how useful it can be. We may not know if we need a new product or service unless we understand exactly what it is for. A good explainer is always able to capture the attention span of any audience more efficiently than any other medium.

PixelGenio understands how critical the need to deliver a lasting impression is. In the profoundly revolutionized digital age, the task to bring the client and the buyer together can be really challenging. Putting across more information in a short span of time while perfectly explaining its utility is precisely the way to go.

Take for example the explainer video we made for a Safety360, a safety App created by App Orchid Inc.

App Orchid Inc. is a Silicon Valley based software development company revolutionizing the science of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing. They combine artificial intelligence and organized tribal data to give you the convenience to mobilize your resources online. Gone are the days of manual data research when App Orchid provides the best solution for all of it. Experience full access to financial data, company records, employee performance, and resource management, all of it processed to your needs.

Safety360, designed by AppOrchid, highlights the need to monitor and ensure the safety of your business workforce. They compile and process, tribal and unstructured data to conveniently provide all relevant info and solutions at a device of your choice.

Previously, their extensive use of infographics and pie chart designs/presentations to elaborate upon the need for their product did not produce the response they desired. That is how the idea for the need of an Explainer video came up. App Orchid CEO, Krishna Kumar, and Partner Dan Goldenblatt approached us to come up with a livelier, exciting and audience eccentric way to help highlight Safety360’s utility.

Venturing into the arena of Employee Safety we kept in mind all the issues that can arise regarding the same and how it affect both parties, which includes both the employer and the employee.

The explainer video characters was designed primarily to make the target audience expect the unexpected. Such as the issue of a random construction worker falling from an extended height and landing on a car, and ends up with his head spinning.

By introducing a bit of humor and metaphor, we normalize the viewer to exactly how an uncertain event can occur so suddenly and in what instances it can affect the employer.

From there we immediately pop the idea of how conveniently such uncertainties can be avoided through a customizable prevention strategy simply through a device. This points our audience in the right direction for the idea behind the app to become clearer.

Once that idea is set, the video brings the viewer face to face with what AppOrchid originally expertise over – artificial intelligence and natural language processing. This helps join the dots to how the app is supposed to help improve employee safety.

Simplifying and Explaining the usefulness of the product by making the content more interactive and relatable is exactly how an explainer video wins the audience.

The use of actual life incidents, humorous situations, and relatable metaphors makes the idea behind the product more convincing. A good explainer video should be more like a personal conversation rather than a tutorial!

Once the core functioning of the app is highlighted in the video, we move on to exactly how an employer can avoid any lengthy, legal or formal procedures instantly. Ensuring the safety of your workforce along with saving plenty of time are the app’s primary selling points. Highlighting these aspects and explaining their benefits to the viewer helps the idea behind Safety360 become more familiar. After achieving that, the video moves on to focusing the attention on structured data, instant alerts or analyzed advice, and how easy they can be accessed.

And, as you can see, a good explainer video always puts across information by making it relatable, simple and most importantly, fun to watch.

If you have a business or product and you are struggling to get your message across to your target audience, try PixelGenio explainer videos.

Feel free to reach us at contact@pixelgenio.com or skype us on id – pixelgenio for a free consultation with our CEO Mr. Maloy Kr. Dey.

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