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November 11, 2018

Our today’s blog is a case study on a security explainer video that we created for one of our clients based in Denmark. The present-day rising industries of all scales have shifted their marketing attention online. Since that is where the spotlight shines the brightest. Each day new ideas are being transformed into reality.

With raging competition and congested markets, there is a need to get through to the consumers with more ease and in lesser time. Thanks to animated explainer videos, we now have access to a whole new domain of creative marketing. An animation video is a more interesting way of grasping attention while keeping the focus on your product intact. They not only briefly introduce what your company has to offer but also creates a lasting impression. When online, a video has a greater chance of making potential customers understand their need as well as lure them back to you.

PixelGenio thrives on the motivation of bringing consumer and producer together organically. However challenging this task may be, innovative and best explainer videos always live up to expectations. Getting across exactly the right amount of info in a limited span of time is always efficient and rewarding.

Let’s have a look at the security explainer video crafted for Site Security, a security equipment and surveillance system provider.

Site Security, is a security solution provider for work-in-progress construction sites. They are based in Denmark with a majority of their equipment manufactured locally. Site Security has their focus set up on all the latest needs and trends which the market demands. Their products and security solutions have decreased breaches tenfold for all of their clients around the world. With their primary aim being to manufacture world class security systems from surveillance, on-site alarm to breach reporting, Site Security has achieved professional recognition.

There are several hurdles that cross paths with you on your journey to create a video advertisement, intended to get the idea of your company across to the audience. In this scenario, Site Security would require amenities like an actual site or set, a cinematography team along with real live actors. Getting all of that into action could end up exceeding the budget by a mile.

Instead, our team provided the means to deliver a simple and informative explainer video which was budget effective and exactly what the client desired. The video highlights upon the primary facilities provided by Site Security as briefly as possible. Ensuring of course, that the message reaches all the right ears amongst the target audience.

The video begins by laying out a practical incident that may befall a construction site. The obvious example is that of a thief trespassing on the premises, not up to any good of course. The narration is more personalized as if directly speaking to the viewer, experiencing the breach of security. This leads up to a situation where the thief attempts to flee after stealing a few constructions goods of value. Such an incident occurring on a regular scale can lead up to huge losses and property damage.

After the issue has been highlighted, the animated video goes on to introduce Site Security and how it represents the solution to all security related problems. We then immediately proceed on to the facilities provided like 24/7 efficient surveillance and how the thief will be sent out a warning. If ignored, the thief will be detained by guards deployed by dedicated a surveillance team and prevent any catastrophe successfully.

This simplistic and yet engaging animated security video has the impact of efficiently capturing the audience’s attention while also playing with a bit of humor in the plot. This, of course, carries forward the idea in a way the audience can relate with. While also displaying the line of products they have to offer.

Site Security has grown successfully over the years and has gathered much praise in the security industry with the help of this explainer video animation. With this video, they have earned the recognition of tech forums like Byggeteknik and DagensByggeri. Over the years they have achieved a staggering increase in customer engagement by up to 32 %.

A good explainer video, with its simplicity and alluring style of storytelling, guarantees an efficient way of branding your company. If you find this blog to be beneficial, write back to us with your feedback and suggestions.

PixelGenio is a video production company considered among the world leaders in creating animated explainer videos. Founded in 2008, PixelGenio has earned a reputation for high quality services at affordable rates and customer satisfaction.

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