How To Go About An Explainer Video – A Case Study On Diabilive

explainer video case study

Explainer videos have always been a hit when it comes to generating awareness about a product or a service. In today’s world of cut-throat marketing, the online sphere is a vast playground. One can experiment with various ideas to push their products and see what works best with their target audience. Even statistically, a video is always sure to get more engagement online than any other mode of communication. So when the playing fields are so wide open, it is natural that making a good explainer video can get increasingly harder.

Pixelgenio follows a basic philosophy when it comes to churning out a video – if you were the client what would you want and if you were the buyer, what would you want! Bridging the gap between these two trains of thought is the best way to understand what you need to put out there.

Take for example the custom explainer video we made for Diabilive.

For Diabilive, the brief from our client was very simple. It concentrated on three essential aspects of the product-
a) Understand the life of a diabetic patient
b) Understand how the app will help the life of a diabetic and how to use it
c) Communicate with simplicity

Keeping these three simple rules in mind, we ventured into drafting a script that stays true to its basic purpose while being absolutely comprehensible for the target audience.

We start the video by addressing the problem that is before us without being hesitant. So the opening shot conveys how monitoring the health of a diabetic is not just tough for the patient but also for his/her health professional and medical care-taker. We tie them all together using the single thread of our existing problem- what is the correct insulin dosage for a patient on a given day?

By putting across the problem inclusively, we help establish the target audience with ease. Now it becomes very clear that whatever it is we will be talking about, will be of help or of concern for all these people.

Once the problem is established, we instantly dish out the solution that we have for our target audience. We introduce the app so as to drive it in the audience’s mind that this is the app that will solve their perpetual problems.

As soon as we do that, we go on to the next stage of the video- explaining how it works. This is the biggest and the most incredible part of an explainer video. Well, they’re called explainer videos for a reason!

Explaining exactly how the product works are crucial because if the idea is miscommunicated, or even mildly convoluted, the people get turned off from the screen and move on from your video.

Hence the best way to tackle this problem is to take simple, real-life situations, which are easy for the audience to relate to. The best explainer videos understand your lifestyle, better than you do, we’d like to profess!

In this video, once we’re done explaining precisely how the app works, we move on to showcase how a life change when one starts using the app. We establish a sense of normalcy that slowly sets into the User’s life with the help of DiabiLive and that is the most essential selling point for our product. As we’re done establishing that, we are good to go and can head to a conclusive ending to the video, where again we push the brand into the audience’s consciousness to cement it further.

After the product launch, Nicolas Babin, Co-founder of Diabilive said “We have used the various Diabilive videos for many occasions. First to promote our company and our product. We wanted to do it in a fun and relaxing way. Diabilive is a very serious product and so to have an element of fun/entertainment was very important to us. Then we used it for educational purposes. We wanted people/patients to understand what it did and how to use it. Finally, we used it for business development with investors and potential customers in many languages. This helped us a lot. The videos were very much liked and shared. We received many questions about them. We posted them on all social media and our analytics were good (in average +12% increase in visibility and unique visitors and it looks like the percentage is increasing as we are moving ahead)“.

And that’s how a good explainer video does its job- with simplicity and proper understanding. If you enjoyed reading this blog, write to us with your feedback or suggestions that you may have!

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