Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any hidden charges?
Not literally. However, in case of international transactions, we request you to pay any fees that might be incurred depending on the payment gateway or wire transfer you use.

2. What is meant by 30 sec slabs?
30 sec slab means that we calculate price based on every additional 30sec as follows:
Within 60sec
Within 60-90sec
Within 90-120sec

3. Do you use professional Voice Artists in your videos or do you use software generated voices?
We always hire third party professional voice artists so that we can provide you with native Voice experts. If you need an American voice-over we will hire a Native American to do the job, if you may need Australian voice-over we will hire a native Australian voice artist, and so on.

4. Do the packages include a logo intro or outro?
By default we do not include logo animations. Kindly discuss the same prior to start of project.

5. What is the general delivery time for a video?
The average delivery time for a 60-120 sec video is 4 weeks. Timelines may vary depending on the complexity, detailing and number of feedback iterations.