PixelGenio Refund Policy

At PixelGenio we divide a video project into 4 equal milestones that are to be completed on a successive basis. This means that we proceed to the next milestone only when the previous milestone is delivered with 100% satisfaction.

  • A) Milestone1 (25% payment): Script Writing and Voice-over (To be paid upfront)
  • B) Milestone2 (25% payment): Storyboard and concepts(To be paid upfront immediately after completion of Milestone1)
  • C) Milestone3 (25% payment): Animation First half(To be paid upfront immediately after completion of Milestone2)
  • D) Milestone4 (25% payment): Animation 2nd half (To be paid after Milestone4 is complete, we deliver HD version after all payments are released)

PixelGenio follows stage wise refund policy. Below are the guidelines which we follow:

  • A) PixelGenio will refund the amount for any unapproved stage/cancelled stage.
  • B) For an approved and completed stage no money would be refunded.
  • C) Request for refund can be send via email directly to contact@pixelgenio.com
  • D) Refund amount will be finalized, after deducting money which we had put in the project.