4 Cost-effective Yet Powerful Online Video Marketing Hacks For Small And Medium Businesses

September 19, 2018

Online Video marketing has grown its expanse with many folds as it is informative, engaging and gets viral quickly. Over two-thirds of the online traffic is video-based, and the numbers are expected to go higher in the coming years. It has been estimated that the rise will be about 80% by 2020. With such trends, it’s no wonder why companies both small and large are embracing video marketing in their overall acquisition strategy, so why not?

Upon getting your content viral, Jonah Berger says that any content on the internet can get viral if the audience finds it shareable. It has to touch the emotional cords of the people and then, with emotional contagion, your content will spread wide. Thus, basic video marketing tactics clubbed with highly relatable content can make your video widely popular. Now, there is no denial of the fact that online video marketing ideas mostly involve the use of a huge capital. For the entrepreneurs and businesses which are trying to establish themselves yet, we have brought some basic video marketing tactics which can help them in producing quality content and get it spread across. So without any extra dues, let’s dwell into the video marketing hacks:

Hack 1: Make the best use of YouTube

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Gone are the days when we only searched for our favorite videos on YouTube and enjoyed it. Today, every person has the capability to make a video and post it on YouTube and share it on a global scale. Create your own business channel and start posting. It takes no money and if your content is good, high chances are that you will attract the correct target audience very easily. After all, who does not know the name of PewDiePie who only got famous for his YouTube content? Like it or dislike it, you know it. You can start with testimonial videos, product promotion clips, how-to videos, etc. However, patience is the key. Your very first video may not be your most successful video. Always keep posting about your YouTube channel on other social media accounts and be consistent with posting. Don’t stop posting videos, ever. There are also some basic video marketing tactics on YouTube like using the keywords in the title name itself, so that Google starts showing your video amongst some of the first videos on that topic. Make the effective use of SEO with your video content as well.

Hack 2: You have great power in your hands- smartphone

You neither require a DSLR or more expensive gadgets to make your own videos nor do you need the high-end editing skills. Your ability to grasp technology can do the needful because your smartphone is capable of doing all the other work for you. If you have a great idea, you can simply use the manual mode of your camera to keep the lighting correct, record audio in a secondary device as well, and then merge the clean audio and video using apps from iStore and Google Play. Not only this, there are many apps available which give you the customizations to make your own tutorial videos with on-screen maker and voice modulator. Mix all of these tech help options together and there, you may have created the next viral video.

Hack 3: Use animated explainer videos

Animated explainer videos enable you to go beyond abstract, artistic limitations. They are great for those hard-to-grasp concepts that need visual elaboration. They give the audience a more relatable sphere where the learners can start from scratch and develop themselves as the video goes on. In fact, the animated videos can be created at a very low production cost, sometimes with no monetary expense at all. Hence, they are more preferred means of creating videos for the small and medium businesses. The live action videos require set-up, proper lighting and various other factors which can be negotiated with, in the animated videos. The content can equally vary from being created for kids to adults as the animated graphics can also be very interesting for the knowledge of the kids. You can create one or more explainer videos about your product or service and upload the video on your website’s homepage, upload to YouTube and also share on social media to get maximum reach. Having an engaging animated video on your website homepage will not only help explain the product or service but will also make people stay on the page, decreasing the bounce rate of the website and thus, facilitating website SEO. The animated videos can also deal with various subjects and can include the how-to videos, tutorials, explanations or the introduction of any new product.

Mad Video Marketing expounds more on the importance of animated explainer videos in your business marketing plans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hdQnoB740A

Hack 4:  Sending personalized video emails

E-mail marketing arguably generates the best ROI among all types of digital marketing. We hope you are doing it! If not, start by learning the ropes of e-mail marketing. Currently, only 20% of online marketers have included video-email in their marketing strategy. Be part of the statistics by reinforcing the technique in your business marketing plan. Sending video emails are very important as they make the customers feel special and hence, builds an emotional relationship between the company and the client. It will also act as a brand recalling technique and thus, can create a goodwill of your brand. The personalized e-mails are also very easy to make and send. One video format can be made and just by replacing the names, quick customer relation can be built. Here is a step by step clip that will help you get started sending personalized video emails: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8GZdx5KQio

With all these video marketing hacks, your company is ought to get a huge boost and make its position online. For the endnotes, remember to stay persistent and consistent. Don’t stop creating brand recall and keep your clients aware that your company cares for them. Add more and more relatable content in your video and it shall be shared across the web, for sure. Hope this guide helped you in making your next business strategy based on video marketing. Like our page and put your valuable comments for sharing any opinion. Know other hacks that might be helpful for SMBs? Shoot them and we’d love to hear from you.

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