Online Video Marketing – Are You Boring Your Audience?

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May 12, 2017

In recent years, the definition of online video marketing has evolved in such a way that it continues to intrigue the likes of big businesses. It is a marketing mechanism with the help of which you can promote your brand among your target audiences in a creative and engaging manner. It is worth noting that a strong marketing campaign includes video in the thick of things. Hence, if you are looking forward to promoting your brand, you have to use video marketing effectively. However, we have recently noticed that there are certain risk factors associated with it. One such prominent risk factor is you might probably bore your audiences with your video content. If you are among those brands that are looking forward to using digital video as one of their marketing tools, you have to make sure that you know the factors that can bore your target audiences.

You have to center it on the story, not the sale

We have noticed innumerable video advertising that end up pushing the audience to buy the product or services. Human nature by default tends to avoid things that push them, especially when it is related to sales. If you lay too much emphasis on the sale, then the result would not be worthy. Rather, it is good to trigger emotion. That is when you need a story. Renowned author Tony Robins explains in one of his seminars – “People Buy Feelings, Not Things”. You can take a look at the video recording here:

Avoid trying to say everything while creating a video

It is often very tempting to utilize the opportunity of creating a video to say it all as if there is not going to be a second chance. Well, if a video is lengthy, you already have lost 50% of your audience even before you have rolled out the video. The New York Times cites a study on “viewer abandonment” that will give you an insight of the decreased attention span of viewers in the recent years. It is advised to keep the video short and sweet so that it would not bore the audiences. There are always some exceptions which I will be discussing in another blog post sometime soon.

Add humor to your online video marketing strategy

You should design a video that would help your patrons to entertain themselves. Humour is another vital aspect that you should include in your video marketing strategy to ensure that your target audiences always feel lightened, relaxed because buying decisions are made only when your customer is in a relaxed mood. The following picture shows a graph that illustrates how a sales process happens by the help of rapport building, trust building, questioning, providing the solution and closing the deal while the mind moves between tension and relaxation.

online video marketing
You will notice that the sale is happening at a particular sweet point where the tension in the mind is the lowest.

Hence, with the wise inclusion of the above-mentioned video ad tactics, you can greatly leverage your video marketing strategies. Moreover, if you keep your video content focused on the entertainment purpose of your target audience, you can greatly improve your chances of a successful online video marketing campaign.

Let me know if you know some other points that would ensure that the video is not boring to the audiences.

Maloy is the founder of PixelGenio, an explainer video production company. Academically an MFA, Maloy is an aspiring entrepreneur with a passion for helping start-up and mid-sized businesses with video marketing strategies. He is also a passionate blogger and takes pride in sharing his knowledge with his online fans.

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