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youtube video optimization

February 11, 2019

I was planning to adopt a Rottweiler puppy and today I researched about Rotweillers by watching Youtube videos on how to train young rots, how to deal with their temperaments and how to socialize them from a very young age. So for someone like me who’s life practically revolves around her laptop, Youtube has taken the place of a patient teacher who teaches more or less everything. In my case from how to open a pressure cooker to what are the upcoming SEO trends, I never run short of knowledge. No wonder, businesses are going to be keen on Youtube video optimization techniques.

Youtube is huge; it’s everywhere. Every other week, survey companies are revealing numbers, proving Youtube dominance over online video space. Wondering what is happening on Youtube by the time you read this intro? Apparently, 2,777,777 videos were watched on.

As per the latest data revealed by Adroit Digital 68% viewer watch video content on Youtube. And guess what Youtube boasts an enormous audience each month; precisely over one billion. Yes, Youtube is this big, this vast. Every second, users are uploading one hour of video on Youtube. Over 4 million videos get watched every day on Youtube.

Why Do Videos Work So Much Better In Attracting Traffic?

Let’s dive into the realm of Mind. Do you know only 20% of people are capable to remember things that they read and only 10% can remember what they hear. Eye tracking of viewers has proved that users pay attention to only those information that is along with relevant images. The more relevant images are the more chances to retain viewers on your content. At the same time, visual information gets processed nearly about 60,000 times faster than plain textual matters.

Cisco forecasted for the period of 2014-2019 in its VNI Global IP Traffic and Service Adoption that by 2019 video content will attract more than 80% of the traffic online. So it’s no wonder that Samsung India Service (SVC) – Most Watched Video in 2017 has crossed 209M views on Youtube.

Setting up your Youtube channel for Youtube video optimization

If you are running a business and you don’t already have a Youtube channel, it’s time you start taking it seriously. If you already have a channel, it might be a good idea to reel back and check the basics of your channel.

How can you increase video views on Youtube?

Apart from writing a catchy title using relevant keywords and using long tail keywords in video descriptions, you can effectively take these steps to impressively increase video views on Youtube.

Naming Your Video File

Hear of the image “alt” tag? It’s a tag that tells search bots what’s the image is about. Similarly, once your video gets edited, make sure you rename your video as “your_keyword.mp4”. Naming your video with the focused keyword will help the bots to know what is in your video. As bots can’t look inside the video a proper name tell search algorithm what a video is all about.

Role of Closed Caption in Youtube video optimization

A closed caption will show text (a few words of description) over the video which helps the audience to understand what is the video is all about. This facilitates viewing without sound when the audience is in a busy environment or not in a position to play sound. Treat closed captions or transcripts as meta data to make a web-embedded video searchable by search engines. Closed captions can be translated into different languages which will help you to reach out to more audience.

Using Proper Tags

Tags are crucial to get higher ranks on youtube. While writing tags, list your specific tags first and then write general and matching tags. We religiously follow these ranking hacks for our client’s Youtube Videos and we suggest you do the same.

Boosting a video

It’s often a good idea to use a Youtube video ad to boost some of your videos that tend to perform well. It will give your Youtube video optimization a new level of reach and will speed up the overall process to increase video views on Youtube.

Know any other such SEO tricks? Share with us in the comment section below.

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